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Dear True Blue Swimmers,


2020 has brought about many changes for True Blue Watersports,  as I return to college to earn a PhD in Special Education Leadership.  Over the next three years, I will study the impact of physical activity on education, specially how swimming can enhance academic performance in children.


Lake Area Adventures will be taking over swim lessons  starting March 31.   Many of you may remember, Joelle Whitehouse (JoJo), she will be heading up the program, so I know you'll be in great hands.   You can contact her at 337-602-6956 to book swim lessons.


Your continued support over the past 19 years is appreciated.   Our staff  has positively touched the lives of thousands of Lake Area families through teaching the Starfish Aquatic Institute Curriculum.




Cher Walker



True Blue Watersports is pleased to announce that the Scuba Program and Swim Program have grown larger over the past few years thanks to fantastic friends and clients like you.    Starting now, Lake Area Adventures will be handling all your scuba diving needs and introducing more events, trips, and classes in the front yellow building operated by Tim Robles and Jerry Antoine (Sarge).


In the pool house, True Blue Watersports will continue to expand the swim program from infant to adult swim lessons all the way to lifeguard courses, under the direction of Cher Walker.



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